Let’s fucking talk about it. The dark, the disruptive, the indeterminate. As well as that cusp on which simple real things uncurtain their magic and the mystical comes crashing down to earth. The contrary and, most importantly, the curious. Alice Wisdom is a rebus for hope hanging on by its villain-stomped fingertips. As in life, so in fiction. Talk about it. Tout ce qui précède. Ĉio. Omnia nitidus pulcherque. Alles dunkel und düster. ALL of it.

Writing that evades or cowers is not literature. So, please, be bold. Like Alice, delve into the chaos and eke out what wisdom you can. And like Alice Wisdom, rock on.

Now accepting short story and art submissions for issue one. Be good. If you’re feeling ambitious, be great.
Generally, as in all forms of art, your stylistic approach and the scope/length of the project should extend naturally from its core elements. Beyond that? Make it good, baby. Great even. And always bold.

If you feel your story has the chutzpah to usher in a fresh renaissance of literature and/or save the humans, please send it. Genre stories may find a home here if they're written so well that readers who aren't genre adherents and simply dig a well-styled yarn can appreciate it.

We acquire one-time rights. We generally prefer previously unpublished; if yours has appeared in something now out of print, we'll consider it.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. Duh. Withdraw your story if someone snatches it up before we do.

We cannot pay you right now. Sorry. However, the head editor thinks she's god and will try to magic good things into your life if we publish your story. And in unmagical terms, we'll promote you pretty hard.
As with writing, the main standards that apply here are "good" and "bold." We can appreciate some abstract art and images intended to disrupt, discomfort, and dismantle a given assumption; we cannot (generally) appreciate art that resembles randomly gathered objects with no sense of commentary or POV.

Straightforward beauty is always appreciated. As is haunting and provocative.

We acquire one-time rights. If your art also appears elsewhere, no biggie. We cannot pay you at this time but will promote you to the best of our ability.
Get crafty. Maybe we'll like it.